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Via Classica has been a wonderful addition to the homeschooling of my nine year old daughter. A specialist class such as Latin provides excellent tuition in an area that I lack background while her writing unit on Fables brings a refreshing classical approach to teaching English that is well-structured and stimulating.  As Term 1 progressed my husband and I witnessed the budding friendships that have begun between our daughter and her classmates; it has been lovely to hear their enthusiasm greeting one another as they await the beginning of a class. My daughter has quickly adapted to the online format and the classes are both enjoyable and challenging for her.


From a parent's perspective, the Via Classica teachers are excellent, they really care about each child's learning and they are talented professionals who are genuinely passionate about their respective subject areas.  The learning resources provided are of great quality and easy for parents and students alike to access. I look forward to seeing Via Classica continue to grow as more families hear about this much needed Australian classical curriculum service.

Maree, Melbourne

Mastery of Knowledge

Our vision is to educate children by engaging their hearts and minds in the truest and fullest sense by giving them the necessary tools of learning and by fostering wonder and cultivating virtue and wisdom. 

Mastery of education

Online Classes in the Classical Tradition

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