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Christian Tradition
and Western

Via Classica is committed to the cultivation of each student’s unique identity through  engaging with Christian tradition. We are committed to ensuring all students have a detailed understanding and appreciation of the wisdom that has been brought to the world through the literature, art, history and music of Western Civilisation.

Via Classica is:

  1. Inspired by a supernatural vision: Understanding that almighty God is the creator of all things, we seek to encourage and engender a deep love of God in the hearts of our students so that they may grow to love, honour and serve God in their lives.

  2. Grounded in a Christian anthropology: Recognising that each child is made in God’s image and has a transcendent destiny we respect the dignity of the human person as a child of God and seek to fully develop the best aspects of human nature by focussing on Jesus as both model and means of holiness.

  3. Animated by communion and community: We seek to foster cooperation and teamwork amongst all involved from students and parents through to staff and the broader Christian community.

4.     Sustained by Gospel witness: We seek to promote Christian values in all staff                and students by a code of behaviour modelled on Jesus Christ.

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Fostering Wonder & Cultivating Virtue

At Via Classica, we believe seeking the truth is desirable in and of itself. In all our teaching and educational resources we will seek to lead students to truth, goodness, and beauty in every art and discipline, while seeking wisdom and mastery.​We believe that true education is found in a classical approach. We want Australian families to have access to this philosophy, both in resources as well as live educational instruction. We believe the current mainstream educational system is manifestly inadequate in educating children, and we seek to offer an alternative to support the people who are primarily responsible for their education- paren.


Via Classica offers services and products for homeschoolers and schools.

Socratic discussions in the town square. Our classes keep this tradition online!

Books, Online courses and Tutoring

We offer several literature guides, and the first book in a new writing series. Check out our Coming Soon section to see future books due for release in 2023.

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Homeschooling Support

We can provide support and assistance in setting up a classical education plan for your child.


Curriculum and Professional Development for Schools

We can provide support and advice for schools seeking to implement a Classical education.

Our Instructors

Truth. Goodness. Beauty.

Via Classica Instructors are committed to a Christian World view and to the principles of a classical education. Our instructors will be individuals who pursue virtue and holiness in their own lives as they are challenged to serve as living examples for our students.

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