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This is the second book in the Australian Progymnasmata series. It delves into an assortment of captivating narrative forms, ranging from timeless fairy tales and legendary myths to profound parables and gripping historical accounts.

Within these pages, readers encounter a mosaic of narratives that seamlessly blend classical stories with uniquely Australian tales. Abridged versions of the Trojan War and the noble King Arthur's adventures serve as stepping stones, transporting learners across vast epochs and realms. However, it is the rich tapestry of local legends that truly captures the imagination, from the enigmatic Bunyip to the awe-inspiring tale of Simpson and his faithful donkey.

Alongside the exploration of narrative diversity, students are encouraged to refine their poetic prowess through the stirring verses of renowned Australian poets. The lyrical works of Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson dance across the pages, immersing readers in the essence of the land Down Under and fostering a deep appreciation for the country's literary heritage.

Central to the course is the honing of composition skills, facilitated through thought-provoking exercises inspired by the Progymnasmata framework. Guided by this time-tested method, learners embark on a transformative journey of self-expression. They undertake dictation exercises, honing their ability to absorb and reproduce intricate narratives, capturing the essence of the written word. Through the creation of dialogue, they bring classical stories to life, heightening their narratives with engaging and authentic conversations. With a focus on developing descriptive language, students master synonyms to add depth and richness to their writing, painting vivid scenes in the minds of readers.

The Australian Progymnasmata (Narrative) serves as an invaluable companion for students seeking to broaden their literary horizons, cultivate an appreciation for both classical and Australian storytelling traditions, and develop the foundations of eloquent and impactful communication. As they craft narratives that capture the essence of the human experience, they become stewards of beauty and purveyors of truth, shaping a future where the written word inspires, informs, and illuminates the world. 


The Australian Progymnasmata: Narrative (Teacher Edition) provides the answers to all the exercises in the The Australian Progymnasmata: Narrative (Student Edition) and can be purchased seperately.

Australian Progymnasmata: Narrative (Student Edition)

  • Books are A4 (210mm x 297mm), 115 gsm. Perfect (PUR) binding. Gloss  lamination front cover. 

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