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Course Description: In the  Beginner First Year Music, students will embark on a journey towards Music Mastery by acquiring foundational skills. The course covers various aspects of literacy and singing skills. Students will learn to read the basics of Gregorian Chant Notation, which serves as the precursor to all Western Music. They will also develop the ability to decipher pitches, signs, and symbols in Modern Notation. Understanding basic concepts of Time and Key Signatures will be emphasised, along with the skill to interpret intervals within a melody. Additionally, students will learn to accurately transcribe melodies. In terms of singing skills, the course will focus on developing a confident vocal sound, supported by proper breathing techniques. Students will learn to sing in tune and sustain directed sounds, while also mastering the pronunciation and articulation of sung text. These fundamental skills will set the stage for further exploration and growth in the field of music.



Prerequisites: Basic reading and comprehension skills. No prior theoretical or practical musical knowledge is required.



Course Description

This course uses classical education principles for the grammar stage. Students will learn to read and navigate Gregorian Chant melodies with ease. They will confidently decipher and perform these ancient melodies. Students will explore modern music notation and learn to comprehend the pitches, signs, and symbols used in contemporary sheet music.  They will gain proficiency in reading and understanding time and key signatures. Students will identify and interpret these essential musical notations, providing a solid foundation for playing or singing in different musical contexts. 


They will develop the ability to read and sing intervals within a melody.  Students will cultivate the ability to sing in tune and maintain a directed sound.  They will  focus on singing texts with clarity and precision.  In this music course students will build a solid foundation and equip them with essential skills for classical music. By the end of this course, students will possess a solid understanding of music literacy and singing techniques, paving the way for further musical exploration and growth.

Prerequisites: Basic reading and comprehension skills.  This course builds on the Music Notation course from first semester. It is still a foundational course. Students with basic familiarity with music notation would find this course accessible.

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